Highly motivated and goal-oriented; self starter if needed, professional; committed to the digital Arts and web design. Offer over 5 year track digital designing experience demonstrating strong analytical and problem solving skills, computer proficiency, and ability to follow through with projects from inception to completion.


What i do?

 Web site Graphics Packaging business and post cards, Flyers and invitations design Marketing Campaign Graphic Design Professional communications Social media support and coordination

Extensive experience using Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, Adobe Fireworks and Illustrator, Products creations such as logos, banners, , Website Interface and Graphics. Creating and Setting up web site online with online catalog. Some HTML and PHP.
Working with pictures, Re-touching and process the images. Creating Company slogans and ongoing promotional banners with Flash CS3. Design Printing coordination with public and commercial agencies..  Optimization and marketing of the websites. Social networking sites. Email Campaign.

Where i am?

 I'm here and there and can be anywhere. Los Angeles my home today And Ocean Sunset inspiration is calling me to write your name.



Hire me now!

 Every Design I do, I like to look at the BIG future picture of it, I extremely paying attention to small details of the each piece of the design. I'm hard worker and moreover this designation is under my field of interest, so I can handle it. My Goal is to be beneficial to the business growth and go forward with it. I will be an asset to your campaign.
I am dependable person who has years of work experience. I am confident and competent and I can work independently or under a minimal supervision. Also good team player with the ability to collaborate with colleagues.